About The Everyday Effect

This blog was started in the summer of 2012 by two College friends with the idea of starting a website. With millions of blogs and websites already around and being published constantly, there idea seemed very- well, unoriginal.  However, knowing that their lives were just about to get interesting, they decided to take the challenge and start a website. $28 later, Everydayeffectblog.com was officially a reality. Sort of.

With busy lives, Everyday effect was put on the backburner for a year. With the domain about to expire, the two lazy, but inspired friends decided to revive their little website and set out to do what they originally planned to do a year earlier.

This is the Everydayeffect. A blog about daily thoughts and rumblings as seen by those two friends. We hope you read and enjoy what we have to say. If you hate what we have to say, we atleast hope that inspires you to do better.

Everyday Effect is:

Shawn. Tall, big headed, and completely awkward. Also, he has a sex appeal of a school bus fire. So that’s that.


Colin. He claims that he was hit in the neck with a golf ball. As this is a complete fabrication, the true story is fucking hilarious.

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